When wearing a plaid blazer, try to keep everything else in your outfit down to a minimum. Mixing patterns such as: stripes, additional plaids or polka dots can cause a sartorial clash in your attire. I feel solid colored shirt and accessories work the best because it allows the sports coat to remain as the main attraction.

For a spot of color or to simply add a bit of flare to your plaid…

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Models: Max Twitty | Shane Miller 

Photo Credit: Shane Miller for Gents Among Men

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#Conversations: “I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy role to play. But I saw a lot of similarities to myself.” - Michael B Jordan on playing Oscar Grant in Fruitval Station | Photo credit • @sirshanemiller | #buildwithgents | #conversations | #gentsamongmen | #fruitvalstation | #influence | #inspire


“The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” –  Lucille Ball

I agree with Lucille Ball on the first two statements, but the last doesn’t have to be true if you decide to take proper care of your body. Looking younger will always be a benefit towards our life, career, and even our egos. The truth is we don’t want to get older let alone look it, which is…

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purity bottle

“I don’t care if you love it or hate it – just don’t tell me it tastes like all the others!”  – Thomas Kuuttanen, Founder & Master Blender

purity bottleWhat happens when you love whiskey but realize vodka sells better in stores? You make the best vodka you can. Founder, Thomas Kuuttanen decided to create one of the best vodkas you probably aren’t tasting.

Hand crafted in small batches in a 13th century…

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The New York minute isn’t just a phase that is used loosely. Living in NYC everything you do is rushed, or at least always feels this way. 10 minutes may sound like a short amount of time, however according to the makers of the Swash™ system, that same 10 minutes is all that you will need in order to have your clothes cleaned and ready to wear.

They Say: Swash™ is a revolutionary at home…

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The OG and a Gentleman The OG and a Gentleman The OG and a Gentleman

The OG and a Gentleman

Watch: Nat Sherman Cigar Tasting

A visual experience inside the Nat Sherman Townhouse Cigar Tasting. Created by Sir Shane Miller for Gents Among Men.